Kawai Concert Performer Digital Pianos

Kawai  Kawai DigitalConcert Performer Series

Seeing a Kawai Concert Performer instrument for the first time, one can immediately sense the passion, tradition and dedication expected from a builder of the finest pianos. The striking high-gloss finish of the CP209 grand, the authentic wood finish of the CP179 and the elegant upright cabinet designs all suggest a deep kinship with their acoustic piano counterparts.Play the Concert Performer and hear the majestic and unmistakable sound of Kawai’s own hand-built EX concert grand piano. Feel the unrivaled expressiveness and control that only a keyboard action built by an acoustic piano builder can deliver. The experience of the Concert Performer is truly that of a piano. But with this instrument, there is so much more to discover…


Kawai CP-209 Digital Piano


Kawai CP-179 Digital Piano


Kawai CP-139 Digital Piano


Kawai CP-119 Digital Piano

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